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Ozone Kiteboarding Short Leash 2.0


Ozone Short Leash 2.0

Less is more they say.  You don't need excess leash getting tangled in your limbs or skipping along the water if you never plan on doing any crazy handle pass tricks like the pros.  Get yourself a short leash. Easier in the surf and for everyday riding.

The Ozone Short Leash V2 makes hooking up to your kite even easier. Designed with a short line to be connected directly to your harness or spreader bar with a snap shackle for easy hooking in and out. Ozone quality with super-strong Amsteel™ line. This leash can handle anything you throw at it and is built for safety with a sure-fire push away quick release that's easy to reload.

  • Stainless Steel clip
  • Push-Away release
  • Simple re-load
  • Neoprene clip cover
  • Compact size
  • Designed for hooked in riding
  • 12" short