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Penny Dusk Board

A bright deck with a striking orange and purple fade, Penny’s Dusk is a vibrant board that is sure to turn heads as you cruise on by and make your mark! Embrace the Penny lifestyle and find the fun on days of adventure and chilled times with your Painted Fades board, as you skate you'll reveal the orange deck underneath in your own unique wearing pattern.

The Set Up
As part of Penny’s Painted Fades range, the Dusk 22” or 27" is a colorful Penny board with a great color fade in orange and purple. The perfect way to cruise around the streets is on your penny with plenty of style. This board design is sure to draw attention as it zooms on by! Your orange deck colour will be revealed as the paint fades, so ride often to customise your board.

Wheels and Bearings
Purple 59mm 83A wheels complement the colors of your Painted Fades board. Made from Penny's high quality, chip-resistant formula, these wheels give you a smooth ride and are built to last. It’s a smooth ride, which is what you’d expect from your Penny.

Faded colour powder coated trucks blend into the Painted Fades board  design, so your board fades from top to bottom. The high-quality aluminium construction of Penny trucks keeps your ride light, strong, and ready to carve.

The 22" Dusk features orange high tensile bolts to complement your deck colors and purple wheels.