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PKS Adjustable Universal Pigtail


You can use any bar with any kite, sort of.  Kites have kook proof connections (incompatible connections)  The PKS Adjustable Universal Pigtail set solves this for you.

These pigtails are similar to the universal pigtail v2, but are made extra-long and feature a movable figure-8 knot to allow for adjusting the pigtail length. This is great if your lines settle to different lengths and you need to tune them to get them to be all the same length.

The PKS Universal Pigtails are uniquely designed to allow for either a loop to loop or loop to knot configuration with a single pigtail. Simply larks head the loop end of the pigtail onto the end of your fly lines or directly to the bridles on the kite and you're all set to connect to the loop or knot on the other side, making a nearly kook-proof connection point. Don't forget to always check kite pigtails for wear and tear, these are the perfect replacement.

By moving the figure-8 knot, the pigtails can adjust from 6.5 to 9.5 inches in length, and if you remove the knot entirely the pigtail will measure 13 inches.

Made from Spectra leader line

What's included in the set of 4: 1 red, 1 blue, 2 grey