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PKS HD Pump Hose for Kite/SUP Pumps


With only a few exceptions, the PKS HD Replacement Pump Hose will fit most any Kite/SUP pump out there (new and old). The heavy duty, premium, kink-resistant hose comes with five attachments compatible with most any kite. The MALE end of the hose attaches to the pump while the FEMALE end attaches to included pump adapters/nozzles:

  • Cabrinha Airlock 1 Screw Valve adapter: compatible with 2013 and prior Cabrinha kites (and 2008 Best EZ screw valves)
  • Big Boston Scew Valve Pump Adapter: compatible with several large Boston (screw) valves on the market including Ozone (2011 and newer,) Naish, Crazyfly, Airush (2015 and newer,) and Switch Kites
  • North and Core Valve Pump Adapter: compatible with Core valves and newer North valves (2013 and on)
  • 7mm and 9mm Valve Pump Adapter: compatible with almost all kites prior to about 2008 nearly all kites inflations systems included 9mm or 7mm valves.
  • 1 adapter/nozzle attachment line

Before now, hoses have not been sold separately. Manufacturers would rather sell complete new pumps rather than a replacement hose. Most kite pump hoses are not super-duty and crimp, kink, or crack over time, but now you can replace them easily and at a fantastic price. This is the same hose on the PKS Pro Flow Kite Pump.

The PKS HD Replacement Pump Hose will fit on most kite brands* new and old pumps including Airush, Best, Blade, Cabrinha, Crazyfly, Epic, F-One, Flexifoil, Liquid Force, Naish, North, Ozone, Slingshot, Wainman, and more. *Note: This replacement hose will NOT fit on the old PKS PowerFlow Pump or the new WMFG.

Pump hose attachment