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Progression Advanced Dvd


Progression Advanced Instructional DVD

The Progression series of instructional DVDs are here to give you the confidence and motivation to improve quickly and safely. A complete, video based learning resource that supports and builds on everything you may have already, or are about to, learn in your lessons. Progression: Advanced takes the proven techniques used in our previous DVDs to break down these manoeuvres and allow any intermediate kitesurfer the opportunity to start slow and build to the tricks we all dream of mastering. Progression Advanced you will watch detailed break down of high level tricks and master the moves you have been aiming for since you picked up your first kite and board.

This Advanced DVD is right for you if you.....

Can land consistently from high jumps
Have nailed front and back rotations
can't yet loop the kite
Getting confused popping to blind
Are learning to unhook
Can pop but can't yet raley
Keen to learn how to handle pass
Want to start training to compete

What Tricks & Techniques are Covered:

  • Hooked-In Kiteloops:  Key knowledge to help remain confident & in control during your first kiteloops
  • Board Offs:  Add something new into your big aire sessions with some stylish board offs
  • Riding Blind:  Developing your technique and stance whilst with the security of being hooked in
  • Unhooked Setup and Basics:  Equipping you with a solid foundation for the dozens of unhooked tricks to learn
  • Popping and Raleys:  Understand how to stay in control, gain pop height & get inverted in your raileys
  • S-Bends:  Step by step helping you introduce rotations to your unhooked raleys
  • Unhooked Kiteloops and Downloops:  Unleash the power of your kite to serve up extra power to your jumps & pops
  • Handle Passes:  Surface, dangle & Powered: Everything you need to start learning passes, opening up a whole new set of tricks

Languages: Currently the Advanced DVD is only available in English language.