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Progression Intermediate Volume 1 Dvd


Progression Intermediate Instructional DVD (Volume 1)


The Progression series of instructional DVDs are here to give you the confidence and motivation to improve quickly and safely. A complete, video based learning resource that supports and builds on everything you may have already, or are about to, learn in your lessons. Pregression Intermediate will expand your skills and get the most out of every sessions. This DVD will support you every step of the way in making that transition from beginner to intermediate.

This Intermediate (Volume 1) DVD is right for you if you.....

Can hold your ground or ride upwind
Can change direction without falling in
Struggle to say upwind in lightwinds
Get out of control with over powered
Want to understand how to tune your kite
Find riding toeside uncomfortable
Are loosing power when trying carving turn
Barely leave the water when trying to jump

What Tricks & Techniques are Covered:

  • Light winds:  Improve your technique & understand some theory, make most of lightwinds
  • Strong Winds Tips for surving & enjoying kiting when it really starts to blow
  • Coping with Waves:  Riding in the waves can be intimidation, so learn how to get out through the breakers
  • Toeside Riding:  learn how to slide round to toeside, then adapt your stance for a more stylish ride
  • Carving Turns:  get to grips with the smooth and powerful are of curving turns
  • Jumping:  Start small, then aiming for more airtime, this is the definative guide to
  • Tuning:  Get the most from your kite and understand how to tune your kite, bar & lines

Languages: Currently the Intermediate (Volume 1) DVD is only jumping available in English language.