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Progression Professional Dvd


Progression Professional Instructional DVD

The Progression series of instructional DVDs are here to give you the confidence and motivation to improve quickly and safely. A complete, video based learning resource that supports and builds on everything you may have already, or are about to, learn in your lessons. This DVD covers 23 tricks, across 7 different families of tricks, and as always we break down each one into easily understood and replicated stages.All of this is carried out using our legendary instructional methods and stunning photography, that captures Aaron at his best. Due to the interactive structure of our Progression series, you can choose which tricks you learn and when. Progression Professional Can help you understand and get to grips with the increasing technicality of kite boarding at a professional level. Up your game and prepare yourself to ride with the best.

This Professional DVD is right for you if you.....

Are confident riding unhooked
Can pass the bar during tricks
Inspired bt powered wakestyle tricks
Find Raley & S- Bends have become easy
Want to land tricks blind or wrapped
Keen to try kiteloops with handle passes
Compete on a national or international level
Want to ride like Aaron Hadlow

What Tricks & Techniques are Covered:

  • Raley to Blind
  • Blind Judge (Raley to Blind with an airpass)
  • Blind Judge 3
  • S-bend to blind
  • S-bend to blind with an airpass
  • S-Mobe
  • Back to Blind
  • Back to Blind with an Airpass
  • KGB
  • NIS
  • Slim Chance
  • Front Mobe
  • Front Mobe to Blind
  • Front Mobe 5
  • Back to wrapped
  • Low Back Mobe
  • High Back Mobe
  • Back Mobe 5
  • Back Mobe to Wrapped
  • Back Mobe 7
  • Kiteloop 3
  • Kiteloop Backroll 3
  • Kiteloop NIS

Languages: Currently the Professional DVD is only available in English language.