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RSPro Clear Foil SUP/Wing rail saver

RSPro has stepped up its line of skillfully engineered products to include Clear Foil rail saver, a premium rail saver that will outlast your board.

  • Protect your board rail. Just enjoy!
  • Keep your board new and safe. Higher board reselling value.
  • Clear transparent protection, matching any board rail color.
  • High impact and abrasion resistance with minimum weight.
  • Optimized size for foil boards: paddle, wing, wind, and most surf and kite. Check measures.
  • Super-easy installation.
  • Won't yellow over time. UV-resistant and perfectly crystalline adhesive. Will last longer than your board.
  • Designed & manufactured in Barcelona.
  • 2 strips - 53" x 3.5" semi-rigid 380 micron PVC lenticular pattern surface for high impact and abrasion resistance with the minimum weight.
  • The lenticular pattern surface also facilitates adaptation to difficult areas and easy installation.
RS PRO rail saver benefits image

Tips for a perfect installation:

  1. Don't install it in a cold environment. We recommend to install it at room temperature. Below 68 degrees the material and glue tend to get rigid, so it would make the installation more difficult. If you can't do it at room temperature above that temperature, use a hairdryer or heat gun to apply a gentle heat over the rail protection before, during and after installation.
  2. Unroll the rail protection bands and place one at each side of the board.
  3. Mark with a pencil the center of the rail protection band.
  4. Before removing the backing, place the center of the rail protection band at the center of the board rail and extend it to the nose, mark the board with a pencil where the start of the rail protection band should be. Now you have the perfect placing longitudinally.
  5. Start peeling the front side of the rail protection band and start sticking it where you marked the board and on the edge of the board rail (this is the more external part of the board, and where all impacts will take place). Follow the board rail edge until the end.
If your board coating/painting is weak (usually the case on extremely expensive and on extremely cheap boards), or if you prefer to play around with the rail protection band until you find the perfect spot, spray some clean water over the rail of your board. It will allow you to move the rail protection band, and once placed, remove excess water with a squeegee or similar (example video). The rest of the water will evaporate by itself after some hours.
    We recommend waiting for 6 hours before going to the water.

    If you need to remove it, we advise to apply some heat with a hairdryer or heat gun to soft the adhesive and to make it easier to remove.