Soloshot2 Extra Base

Pair multiple Bases to a single Tag to film yourself from multiple cameras!

SOLOSHOT2 is a modular filming system. You can add extra Bases and/or Extra Tags depending on your filming needs.

Pair your Tag to each Base so you can capture the action from multiple angles!

Camera Locations: Turn your video into a masterpiece by scouting multiple camera angles. Near, far, high and low Hollywood's got nothing on you!

Try different camera categories based on what works best for each location!

Action Cam: Set a Base up close to the action such, like behind the goal or next to a jump, and let the fisheye lens capture an amazing dynamic shot.

Camcorder: Set a Camcorder with zoom capabilities high above the action like on a cliff or in the stands to capture hours of stable "birds eye view" footage.

DSLR: Mount a high resolution DSLR to an extra Base to capture high quality stills of the same footage.

Surf & Turf: Great for filming an activity performed on a level surface such as soccer or surfing. Tracking is most accurate with this setting.

Big Altitude: Great for filming activities with lots of vertical movement such as snowboarding, paragliding and RC flying. Tracking is less accurate so requires a slightly wider shot.

Cinematic: Pan only for you filmmaking purists! This mode allows you to get that perfect tracking shot while locking the tilt position.

CLOSEST: - Set LED #4 to Green and your Base will automatically switch to whichever Tag is closest to the Base.

FASTEST: Set LED #4 to Red and your Base will automatically switch to whichever Tag is moving faster.

FOLLOW ME: Set LED #4 to Orange and your Base will automatically switch to whoever pressed their Tag's button or tapped it three times!

Barrel Mode: Keeps you in the shot when surfing barreling waves.


What’s included:

SOLOSHOT2 Base, USB Charging Cable, Tripod Tool and User Guide.