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Ukulele Aquila Super Nylgut Strings


Introducing the Aquila SUPER NYLGUT strings, the ultimate improved version of their world famous Nylgut & New Nylgut.
SUPER NYLGUT strings feature a natural pearl color and a very smooth surface to the touch that make it almost like wax.
The main advantages of the SUPER NYLGUT strings is their ability to achieve the required pitch and stability IN A FEW SECONDS with an acoustic output even more focused and penetrating.

AQ-SNG-S Super Nylgut Soprano Set
AQ-SNG-SLG Super Nylgut Soprano Low G Set
AQ-SNG-C Super Nylgut Concert Set
AQ-SNG-CLG Super Nylgut Concert Low G Set
AQ-SNG-T Super Nylgut Tenor Set
AQ-SNG-TLG Super Nylgut Tenor Low G Set