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Universal Kiteboarding Pigtail V3


Introducing the newest addition to the PKS Distribution family: The PKS Universal Pigtail V3. A must-have for kite enthusiasts looking for a universal connection between kite and bar. With its unique design, the Universal Pigtail V3 offers you the flexibility of a loop to loop or loop to knot configuration, making it the most versatile pigtail on the market.

The PKS Universal Pigtail V3 is incredibly easy to install. Simply larks head the loop end of the pigtail onto the end of your fly lines or directly to the bridles on the kite and you're ready to go! No need to worry about complicated installation procedures that require a manual or expert assistance.

Made from Spectra leader line, the pigtails are 6 inches in length, giving you the perfect amount of space to connect to the loop or knot on the other side, creating a nearly kook-proof connection point. With its Full Length Uniform Splice and Double Overhand Knot, the PKS Universal Pigtail V3 is built to last and withstand the toughest kiteboarding conditions.

The PKS Universal Pigtail V3 comes in a set of 4: 1x red, 2x grey, and 1x blue, making it a valuable addition to any kiteboarding kit. With its 100% Made In USA guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that the PKS Universal Pigtail V3 is of the highest quality, meeting industry standards.

Don't forget to always check your kite's pigtails for wear and tear. Upgrade your kiteboarding gear and experience the ease and convenience of the PKS Universal Pigtail V3 today! Order now and start enjoying your next kiteboarding adventure with confidence.