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USED Liquid Force Proof 151


Nearly perfect shape, bought 1 year ago.  Brand New Liquid Force Bindings.  Pair this with an of our Used Kites for a ready-to-go kiteboarding package.


Round Rails
The rounded rails of the Liquid Force Proof allow for effortless water flow off the edge of the board and is smooth through chop.

Rounded Squash Tip/Tail
This simple tip/tail design has existed for years. The rounded corners work well together with the round rails and single concave to give the beginner rider a worry-free experience or the more advanced rider effortless control.

Clamshell Construction
The classic clamshell construction is a production technology that has been in place at Liquid Force since the beginning. This durable construction is rider-proven and allows for the soft, forgiving rails and ride of the Proof.

Integrated “Thumb Rail” Deck Contours
The  Liquid Force Proof “thumb rail” deck contours provide more than just a convenient way to carry your board! The “thumb rails” add increased strength and durability between the feet, allowing the core to be as thin as possible without sacrificing strength.