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Wing Foil Lesson


Wingsurfing, Wing Foiling, or "winging" is not particularly difficult or particularly tiring. It is not a sport that requires a lot of physical strength or for you to be in perfect fitness. This makes wing surfing a perfect wind sport for everybody.  

 We have found the best way to learn is to separate the 3 distinct parts of wing foiling.

  • Wing Handling
  • Sailing (using the wing on a board)
  • Hydrofoiling (best learned behind our Watercraft)

This also allows us to get you started no matter what the wind is doing.  We can start right away learning to Hydrofoil behind our Yamaha Wave Runners, or if the wind is up, we can begin wing handling.  Either way, we will get you to the water direct and begin your adventure.


What You’ll Learn

  • Wing handling and safety
  • Starting on a Board (SUP)
  • Riding Stance
  • Trimming the Wing for control
  • Transitions (turning around, getting back to shore)
  • Staying upwind

There is no wind sports experience needed. The handheld foil wings are very light and easy to learn. The boards we use are large and stable, and lessons are done in our waist-high Banana River Lagoon. It is a perfect recipe for success.

What is included

Board, wing, leash,  PFD, 2-way Communication helmets and booties provided.  You bring a bathing suit and a smile, we will do the rest!


Only want to learn the Hydrofoil?

Learning board skills behind a watercraft can be an essential part of your journey to becoming a better Hydrofoil rider.

We can teach you how to improve your foil riding in a fun, safe environment that helps you progress quickly.

Who is this lesson good for?

  • Surfers looking to learn surf foiling
  • Windsurfers wanting to add a foil to their windsurfing
  • Wakeboarders, Kiteboarders even Paddleboarders wanting to Hydrofoil
  • SUP-foiling, kite-foiling,  surf-foiling, windsurf-foiling or wake-foiling are the newest action sport, learning with a Jetski lets you focus on the foil, not all the other equipment.

  • Self-starters can take the knowledge from this lesson and progress quickly and safely on their own equipment.

Hydrofoil-  Want to learn how to Foil Surf, SUP Wing Foil, or Kitefoil? There is no easier way than to have your own Personal Water Craft (PWC) and knowledgeable instructor to get you up and riding. 

This is the best way to get comfortable with hydrofoil basics before you add a wing, surfboard, or kite. Focus on riding and learning how to carve the foil and gain altitude before hitting the surf.

Lessons are 90min and we provide everything you need.  Just bring a bathing suit and a smile, we will take care of the rest.


  • PWC and Personal Instructor
  • Add a second rider for only $25! (bring a friend, lower the cost)
  • All rental equipment included (wakeboard, Foil, Surfboard, etc)
  • Communication Headset (stay connected to your instructor)
  • All the salt water you can drink